Sarah Dodge Presents on Goal Setting at HALO Staff Meeting

In the month of January, the focus is on the life skill "Goal Setting". Sarah Dodge joined the HALO staff at their meeting on Tuesday, January 8th to talk about what Goal Setting means to her.

Sarah believes that goals give life direction and allow us to enforce healthy behaviors. She shared her 5 guidelines of goal setting. First, she says you should set your goals to align with your purpose. Our goals should allow us to work toward our deepest dreams and desires. Second, your goals should be "SMART", meaning they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevent, and time bound. This helps to ensure our goals are realistic and we can celebrate once we achieve them.

The third guideline she shared is to put your plan into action. To do this, you should map out key milestone dates and work backward from the project date. Fourth, you should keep goals visible and review them on an ongoing basis. Lastly, Sarah believes it helps to have an accountability partner to check in on your progress.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Skill speaker in 2019, please contact for details.