Self-Discipline Life Skill Speaker: Albani Beza

HALO Volunteer Albani Beza joined HALO Staff in February, opening up the conversation about Self-Discipline. Her life and experiences as a young entrepreneur and mom were inspiring and motivating for HALO Staff when reflecting on February's Life Skill.

Albani graduated high school a year early to pursue a career as a hairstylist. A year into her apprenticeship, she became a teen mom and had to get creative on ways to keep chasing her dream while learning to be a mother. Albani began freelancing, doing makeup for weddings and photoshoots, and after four years and two baby boys, she finally returned to school and got her license. Today, you can still find Albani mom-ing and working behind the chair while starting a nonprofit where beauty professionals serve the community with hygiene tips and advice, haircuts, or simply any knowledge and help they can provide.

During the discussion, HALO Staff asked Albani questions, such as "How much time do you set for a particular goal?" and "How did you find the motivation to persevere when the journey took longer than you thought?"

Albani shared the commitment to a lifestyle change. Find something to work on daily towards your short- or long-term goals. Utilizing a to-do list and setting daily intentions also helps Albani stay self-disciplined. She also spoke on accountability and talking about your goals to people that you trust. "You have to plant a seed in the right soil," Albani stated.

The open dialogue was beneficial for HALO Staff to learn from a community member and HALO Volunteer. If you are interested in any podcasts or books that have helped Albani throughout the years, check out her resources below!

Thank you, Albani, for talking with the HALO Staff and setting us up for success regarding February's Life Skill: Self-Discipline!

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