So that we have something

At our strategic planning meeting last week our Program Director, Lacy Voight, read the letter below from one of our HALO youth. That night 13 hard working volunteers heard Lacy read the letter. They each went on to share a bit about why they started helping HALO. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. In fact, a few people literally had a tough time pulling it together. 
Lacy read the letter below and said, “HALO is the first thing I want to talk about when I meet someone and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep at night.” Lacy started as a HALO volunteer with a passion for art and children. Her dedication led her to a full time position overseeing our local and international programs. Lacy’s creativity and passion has made a direct impact on hundreds of youth around the world. 
Lisa Fasone told the story of a girl she has mentored at the HALO Center. She shared the experience of helping her move into her dorm at college a few months ago. “All the other kids were there with their families, setting up their laptops and getting out their matching comforters. I can’t imagine what that must feel like. But I am glad we could be there for her.”
We all have a reason why we do what we do.  Mine is the first little street girl I met in Honduras over 10 years ago who was begging me for water. She was 6. Her name was Daisy. She inspired HALO. Her face in my mind drove me to do one more thing every day, make one more phone call, ask one more person for help…for years. She still does. 
Our motives are the most authentic thing we have. Whatever it is for you –  a memory, a person, a moment – find it, cling to it, and let it drive you.