Staying Strong in Times of Uncertainty

In the past 15 years of HALO we can honestly say that we have never experienced a time that has changed so rapidly as we have with the world and it’s response to COVID-19. While it is easy (and valid) to get into the mindset of feeling defeated or unsure of what will come next, here at HALO we challenge you to stay strong in times of uncertainty right alongside us. We are determined to continue programming and to be adaptable for our kids, because they are our first priority, and that will never change. We have been hard at work this week to be a resource for every life that is dependent upon HALO. 

This week we were able to provide virtual Therapeutic Art programming that will become our new normal for our partners! We are so grateful that our youth have been learning about accountability this month. These projects allow youth to understand what is and what is not in their control and the ways they can stay accountable to themselves. Differentiating between the two helps youth determine what they should focus on and what they should let go.


Providing life skills and workshops are priorities for us here at HALO, as well as helping our youth still have fun and have the opportunity to feel like kids. Our HALO Jefferson City Girl’s Home has hosted morning yoga every Monday through Friday to instill healthy and healing habits. This great group of girls also has made it a habit to eat dinner every night together to foster a sense of community. We are so thankful to our donors, staff and volunteers that make it possible for our youth to have a safe place to live during uncertain times and for that we are so thankful!


Our incredible HALO Clinical Manager, Aubony Chalfant, spoke on the Y107 Morning Show last week about how to manage our fears, anxiety, and stress that may have developed recently due to COVID-19. She noted that it is so important during this time to take care of your own mental health as no one can pour from an empty cup. When talking to kids about COVID-19 it is important to give them space and opportunity to ask questions as well as reassure them as to what you are doing to keep them and yourself safe. “Kids feel empowered when they know what to do to keep themselves safe.” Listen here for more tips from Aubony on how to be the strongest version of yourself during this new time in all of our lives!

We also conducted a virtual volunteer orientation so that our HALO community can continue to expand as supporters and family for our youth. For those in our community that may be worried about our HALO youth getting the necessities that they need, we will be continuing to drop off power packs and supplies to any youth that reach out to us about their needs. We know it is important to actively spread love to our HALO youth and have Kodo along for the ride! 

To help us continue to be able to give out necessities to all of our youth that are in need of help during this time please click this link to our KC Amazon Wishlist. 

Remember that here at HALO we believe that every child should have the support of a family and we will never stop being that family no matter the circumstance. We are here for our youth and are so thankful to each and everyone of you who has stepped up to stay strong right alongside us.