Stephen – Gulu, Uganda

We love to share our amazing HALO kids who defy the odds! Here is Stephen’s story.

In 2007, Stephen was recruited from Rwotobilo Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camp at the tender age of 7. Coming from a difficult and challenging home, he was very quiet, introverted, and shy with low self-esteem. His biggest dream was to become a farmer. Living in the boys home (pictured) was a difficult adjustment at first. However, with the help of a HALO mentor, Stephen began to grow. He was able to slowly express himself through a leadership program, HALO home games, debates and school activities.

Now, Stephen is an advanced level Senior at Restore Leadership High School. Throughout his academic years, he has received outstanding awards for good performance, leadership positions and good conduct from multiple schools and became the general class Captain for the school’s science class. 

His mentor even noticed a change in attitude and development of high self-esteem, becoming self-driven, hardworking, open minded/talkative, happy, and a peacemaker in the HALO home. 

Stephen realized his potential and has a new dream: to become a medical doctor.

“I’m grateful to HALO for all the support I received while I was in the Home, I also have a sense of belonging now, they are my family,” says Stephen.

We are so proud of you, Stephen! Our HALO youth never let challenges stop them from achieving their goals.

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