Summer 2019 Kickoff

Summer means no school, lots of sunshine, and new programming! We cannot wait to get things started in the Learning Center. The life skills we will focus on are perseverance in June, and respect in July.

Last Summer

We asked our HALO kids what healing meant to them and focused our workshops around what they told us. We were fortunate enough to have Whitney Manney, a local fashion designer, lead sewing and design workshops. Another project was based on the Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery with gold, called Kintsukori. One final highlight was a "Woven Words" workshop led by Julie Arnold; the kids created collages and hanging art pieces with a number of different materials to show how they can come together to be stronger.


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We hope to make this summer the best one yet! Here's what's happening...

Each week, we will have 2 art therapy workshops focused on that month's life skill. Additionally, there will be one weekly creative writing workshop as well as one weekly improv workshop. In July, Whitney Manney will be back for a two-week unit on sewing! We will also make a visit to a STEAM studio in Westport to learn professional development skills, and gain experience working in a real-life work environment.

Finally, our Summer Showcase is July 25, where the students will display the artwork they have been working on throughout the summer. There will also be some live performances. More details to come, but you don't want to miss it!

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