The Best of 2014 HALO Highlights

The Best of 2014halo highlights-2Here are the best of the 2014 HALO Highlights! Just a few short moths ago, HALO finished 2014 with a bang. Monthly donations were increased by 30% and the wide variety events and fundraisers hosted in this past year raised well over $150,000. The donations have allowed HALO to continue to support 13 orphanages internationally, and 20 programs locally, totaling over 1000 youth in the greatest need. HALO founder, Rebecca Welsh, was featured in the InspiredByWomen Moroccanoil campaign and documentary, directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. This secured HALO an ongoing cosmetology scholarship program to benefit HALO youth. Rebecca Welsh and Bryce Dallas Howard were also featured on The TODAY Show in light of the campaign.

Since turning the corner into the year 2015, HALO has kicked off our 10 year birthday celebration. The Art Auction event along with many other successes already this year have us on track to meet our goals for 2015. We’re excited to continue supporting youth across the world and hope to encompass even more youth with our outstretched arms than we have ever been able to before.