The Foundation of A Family

HALO goes to work everyday because we know that there are children that are alone.

HALO Staff in Uganda show their love for HALO youth through quality time. Have you ever had a grandparent come eat lunch with you during the school day unexpectedly? Have you ever introduced your boss to your family at a work gathering? Moments like these are impactful because they encapsulate everything HALO stands for - family.

HALO believes that every child should have the foundation of a family. One that provides guidance, love, and a place to call home. HALO staff and mentors in Uganda constantly provide HALO youth with the feeling of home. During the school year, HALO staff spend time with the boys from the Kibuli Home and girls from the Lungujja Home during their lunch. Spending quality time and reminding HALO kids how they are supported in everything they do, including school, is integral to building relationships and the foundation of a family.

This quality time doesn't just stay within the walls of the schools and HALO Homes; bonding and spending time with HALO youth's families is another way that HALO opens our arms to support the entire kid. HALO Staff members create strong bonds with extended family members to ensure an easier transition for HALO youth, as the end goal is to build confidence in the kids to be able to be strong, individual people!

We are so proud of our HALO Staff in Uganda and their passion to remind every HALO youth and family that they are not alone.

Provide the Foundation of a Family