The Impact of ONE

HALO was started with a group of 10 volunteers who had an extreme commitment to making a difference in lives of children in need. These individuals each took on a responsibility and assured that HALO’s potential was reached in that arena. By structuring HALO this way, we were able to support over 120 children at 4 large orphanages. This means each person was supporting 12 children with their efforts.

This is still the case today. As we have grown, it has become necessary that we have 2.5 paid employees in the HALO office since we are supporting 13 programs around the world.
Our Ambassador Board currently accounts for at least 4 full-time paid positions, which at $30,000 would be $120,000. That amount supports 5 orphanages, or 120 children. This means that the average HALO KC Volunteer Ambassador is supporting 8 children. 

Our structure sets us apart from other non-profits, which is why we are able to stretch our dollars so far. It also gives volunteers a true opportunity to make a profound impact with their skills, grow, and be part of a team or family of like-minded people committed to doing good.
Businesses are run with departments. These departments collectively make the business a success. Without accounting, bills don’t get paid. Without marketing, nobody knows what the company does.  This is why our volunteers are important. Our theory has always been if we are helping just one child, just one life, all our work is worth it. Each of our Ambassadors help us reach that one more child on the horizon.

When thinking about what a volunteer truly is to HALO, I think about the children. Our volunteers give a family to children around the world.