The Many Mothers of HALO

Mothers are an important part of childhood. They are the first ones to encourage you when you're feeling down, they have magical kisses and hugs that mend broken hearts. Our mothers are the ones that teach us how to tie our shoes, how to make our beds, and how to cook dinner without burning the house down. They are the people who make us feel like we matter, even on days when it is difficult to see our worth, because they never stop believing in us. Our moms are special. They show us what it means to be kind, and teach us what love feels like.

Many of our HALO kids grew up with very different relationships with their mothers. Most of them never experience unconditional love until they come to HALO. We are honored that we get to be the ones that help reframe their thinking and teach them that regardless of what they have been through, there are still people in the world who love them just as they are.

HALO mothers come in a lot of different forms. We see HALO mothers in our generous donors. They are the ones who make sure our kids are never hungry. They make sure their homes are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our donor mothers are the ones who make sure our HALO kids can get new shoes when they grow out of an old pair, and that they have soft sheets on their beds. They are providers.

We see HALO mothers in our incredible volunteers. They are the ones who teach HALO kids how to cook nutritious meals, how to prepare for interviews, and how to make their beds in the morning. They provide warm food and meaningful connection. It is our volunteer mothers who teach our kids that there will be people in the world who will love them without expecting anything back from them in return. They are teachers and nurturers.

We see HALO mothers in our HALO staff around the world. They are the ones that teach our kids that they can dream big and set lofty goals, then stick around to help them achieve them. They are the ones that are there with a hug after a heartbreak, or a celebratory dance after a call that they secured their first job. Our staff mothers are the ones that teach our HALO kids that family sticks with you, even when you mess up. They are security and unconditional love.

For all of our HALO mothers, we are thankful. We are grateful to know that there are passionate people around the world who want to see HALO kids succeed and know love in the way only a mother can. There is plenty of room at HALO for more mothers, and fathers alike. For more people who will show our kids what it means to have someone care about you in a way that makes you feel stronger than what you are. If you have extra love to give a child in need, you can sign up today to be a HALO volunteer. We can't wait to see how your love will change a life forever.

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