The Power of Trauma Informed Yoga

Entering into the Spring season means that it is a time when we can take a step back and focus on various areas of self-care. One of the most powerful outlets for self-care for our HALO youth is through attending trauma informed yoga and meditation classes at the HALO Learning Center.
According to, a traumatic event is an "incident that causes physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological harm." The individual who experienced this traumatic event can often not know how to cope with the aftermath of their experience, and needs support to regain emotional and mental stability.
One of the ways our HALO youth can heal from these past traumas is through trauma informed yoga and meditation. This practice allows individuals to rebuild a feeling of safety within themselves and regain confidence in who they are. This practice also teaches our youth the value of giving yourself moments of peace throughout the day to get into the habit of practicing wellness for your body and mind. 
We believe in the power of this practice and are so excited to be hosting our yoga workshops. Love brings hope, and truly heals.

If you are interested in offering support to our youth through trauma informed yoga follow this volunteer link: