The stars are bright in the Kenyan sky

The last several days have been spent visiting our 2 HALO supported orphanages in Kenya. I was able to meet up with Rebecca, Josh and Tracie. So happy to see them all. After spending one night in Nairobi- we traveled to Naibor and Timau. There are about 23 boys living in the Timau Home (our first stop.) They were so sweet and very shy at first, but eventually our visit there turned into a dance party and a baseball game. The boys there consider each other brothers. It’s very much like a family and there is a lot of care and love between everyone in the home.

Later in the week, we traveled to Naibor, where around 34 beautiful HALO supported boys and girls live. The night we were in Naibor, I looked up at the sky and saw the brightest stars I have ever seen. Before getting ready for bed, I took turns spinning some of the younger kids around while looking up at the stars. It was so wonderful to get to know several of the kids whose faces I’ve gotten to know over the last few years. Our time there was short but sweet.