Timau brotherhood.

Yesterday was spent at the Timau Boys Home at the base of Mt. Kenya. The home here has 30 boys, 20 chickens, 3 bunnies, 2 puppies and 1 cow. I love the brotherhood of the boys in Timau. The 30 boys living here range in age from 7 to 17 which would make you think it would be total chaos. There is a lot of energy here but the boys are incredibly sweet and loving toward one another. They truly consider each other brothers. They help each other with their homework, sing together, eat together, play together, console each other, push each other on the swings.

When I was here in 2011, the boys were pretty young and I expected to be a little sad to see them so much older, a little more rowdy. They have definitely been growing up, but the same sweet boys I hoped to see were all still there and still as joyful as ever, just a little more grown up.

I was happy to receive many positive updates, including one of our HALO scholarship recipients, Kennedy Kiiru, has graduated from carpentry school and is now working. Another of the boys, Mussei, who previously had some medical problems with his eyes has received treatment and can now see very well.

I wished I could have spent more time at the Timau Home, but the time we did spend with the boys was so good. We played on their new playground and did an art therapy project, ending with the boys faces completely covered in paint.
The love continues at Timau.

Source: Lacy