Time Management Life Skill Speaker: Jen Rogers

HALO Volunteer Jen Rogers joined the HALO Staff in April, sharing her tips and tricks for Time Management. As a certified professional life coach, keynote speaker, and podcaster, she gave the HALO team tangible techniques for working on April's Life Skill.

"Too many people suffer from decision fatigue without knowing it. They wonder why pursuing their dreams of growing in their work, being present in their relationships, and building a family they adore is elusive. I know. I've been there.

It's time to start making decisions aligned with your values, vision, and beliefs."

Jen shows the way to simplify decision-making by showing up energetically, joyfully, and with extreme clarity in each area of your life so you can change the world, one powerful decision at a time.

Prior to meeting with the HALO Team, Jen encouraged everyone to fill out a pie chart of all the things that fill up their daily lives and a second pie chart of all the areas that fill up their work lives at HALO. During the discussion, staff shared that they take time with friends for hobbies, to volunteer, and to travel. Jen shared that knowing the big picture gives you a starting point to see how you are spending your time.

Jen broke down specific job tasks in a logical and visual way, showing how there are so many hours in a week, with 33% of that time comprised of sleeping. She worked with HALO staff to carve out time for all aspects of the workday. From transition time to lunch breaks, from administrative tasks to "deep work" time, the discussion on time management shed light on how to plan the time we do have control over.

A huge takeaway was that if we plan our time so that it becomes routine, we won't become fatigued by making decisions throughout the day. "Decision fatigue leads to being overwhelmed, which leads to burnout."

Thank you Jen, for talking with HALO Staff and giving us efficient tools to help us with April's Life Skill: Time Management!

Every month, HALO celebrates and focuses on a new life skill to continue to grow personally, professionally, and as a whole organization!

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