Upcycle, Thrift, Create

As the fourth annual HALO Fashion Show nears, with the event just a day away, the HALO youth have been hard at work with many workshops making the finishing touches on their creations. One workshop in particular has allowed the youth to truly express their own personal fashion through thrifting and upcycling, a way of repurposing used clothing and accessories to create new and interesting items. Assisting with these creative endeavors are a group of passionate, creative individuals lending their hands and time to ensure the children have the tools and means to make their ideas and fashion come to life. 


The HALO Learning Center Director Carly Manijak and the HALO Center Facilitator Aubony Chalfant work especially hard during these final days taking the youth to area thrift shops withgiven budgets to select their own pieces. This empowers the youth by giving them the freedom to select and purchase the things they want.
“What I love most about taking the youth thrifting is the look in their eyes when they hear they get to pick something that they want. Most of our youth don’t get to go shopping, or have that much decision in what they wear, so to be able to provide that for them is like Christmas morning,” Aubony says. They are really good about knowing how much they can spend and get to practice making good decisions and weighing their options.”


Once they return back to the HALO Learning Center, the creating begins with tie-dying, painting, making accessories and more. These workshops are held in the final days leading up to the workshop so the youth do not have to wait long to wear their creations.



The upcycling process and workshop thrives with the help of many, including HALO staff, interns and volunteers. In addition, Cleveland fashion designer and Project Runway participant Valerie Mayen and local Kansas City fashion designer Whitney Manney are present to lend their passion and expertise. 


The tremendous effort that goes into this event, by the HALO youth, staff and volunteers alike, as well as the importance and value of artistic expression for the HALO youth will all shine through at the event. The way it empowers the youth and builds their confidence is immeasurable and can only be seen at the HALO Fashion Show tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 8. Purchase your tickets here before they sell out — you won’t want to miss this inspirational event!