#UpYourLife Fashion Show

At our Jefferson City Girls Home, HALO youth participated in #UpYourLife, a five-week self-discovery series. This program implemented a new strand of confidence within the young ladies through a variety of workshops ending with an uplifting fashion show!
The five weeks, organized by HALO's Jefferson City Program Coordinator, Key Okolo, began with self-esteem building. By writing a letter to their future self, HALO youth practiced building themselves up using their own words. In the second week, the girls worked on confidence building through an empowering mirror-breaking activity to unlearn self-sabotaging skills. The following weeks were facilitated by Kat Langley from Kathletics, who worked with HALO youth on their fitness goals and nutrition insight. Within the final week, the girls prepared for the upcoming fashion show by learning about appropriate appearance and how to dress for success with the help of The National Association of Colored Women's Club (NACWC).

After discovering how to #UpYourLife, the HALO girls took their new tools and skills and immersed themselves in the healing power of confidence through a fashion show. During the fashion show, they showed their personality through their professional attire and feeling good about themselves all dressed up!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event memorable and inspiration for the HALO Girls!



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