It is our goal to rescue youth in the most desperate situations in the world. Listed below are our daily updated HALO needs. Please join us. If you are interested in supporting one or more of these causes, click here to donate. If you would like to speak with us to learn more about how you can make an impact, please call 816-472-4256.
  • We currently have 16 youth in emergency situations on our waiting list for housing in the U.S. These youth are in desperate need of a roof over their head and love from the HALO family. On average, it costs $700 per youth to provide all basic needs, which includes housing.
  • HALO recently discovered a desperate need on the islands of Kalangala, Uganda. The location is a mecca for sex-trafficking and prostitution, with youth being sold for $1 per hour. HALO is looking to secure resources to rescue youth from this island and place them in orphanages far from their abusers. HALO can open an orphanage for 25 of these youth for $45,000 per year.
  • HALO youth are seeking scholarships to continue their education beyond high school. Over 80% of HALO youth become contributing members of their communities once they are given the gift of education. HALO is seeking individuals to sponsor youth scholarships to help these youth thrive and have a profound impact on generations to come. The average international 4-year college costs $4,000. The average vocational training course costs $1,500 per youth.
  • Would you like to help gather emergency and art supplies? Provide immediate relief to a child in need through “Powerpacks”. Click here to see the entire supply list. Currently, our greatest need is the actual backpacks.
  • Help us get organized so we can be super efficient. We are in need of  shelving for our master storage room. Storage bins would also be appreciated.
  • We are looking for in-kind donations for new or gently used functioning laptops and 2 digital SLR cameras with video functionality for our HALO staff and Learning Center in Kenya and Uganda. We have volunteers traveling abroad this month who have generously offered to transport it. Please email to donate.


Please support the HALO mission and donate today!

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