Vote for HALO with Target Circle

HALO is participating in the Target Circle program from January 1st through March 31st!

You can vote for HALO and help direct Target's giving to benefit thousands of homeless and at-risk youth for whom HALO provides the foundation of a family every year.
Follow the steps below to enroll in Target Circle and cast your votes for HALO.
3 ways to enroll in Target Circle:
how to vote for halo:

Vote using the Target App

  1. Open the Target App
  2. Click your name (bottom right)
  3. Click on the Circle banner
  4. Click "Vote for nonprofits."
  5. Cast your votes for The HALO Foundation

Vote at

  1. Log in to your Target Circle Account
  2. Click on "Show nonprofits" under the Community Support box with the number of votes you have
  3. Cast your votes for The HALO Foundation.
You can still vote for HALO if you are not in the Kansas City area. All you have to do is change your Target location to Kansas City North (Kansas City, MO), zip code 64155, to vote for The HALO Foundation.
From now through March 31st, anyone enrolled in the Target Circle program can support HALO by voting! After all the votes are tallied up, Target will award a donation based on the percentage of votes HALO receives from Target guests and HALO supporters.
Show up for HALO kids in this small yet impactful way and vote for HALO with Target Circle today!
Vote Here