Welcome New Team Members

The HALO Team has been growing! We have been working tirelessly to ensure our kids get to work with sensational people, and wow, did we find them! We are so impressed with our new team members' impact in their first few weeks and can't wait to continue working alongside them. We asked each of them why they chose HALO, and are proud to share their answers.

Carrie Cox - KC Center Program Facilitator

Carrie is passionate about art therapy and will be working with the kids in our Learning Center in Kansas City! Carrie started with us as a volunteer back in August, and we're so excited to see her continue to impact HALO's youth.

“I have a personal passion for using art in the pursuit of healing! HALO is unique because the provided programs use art as a therapeutic tool. These programs are a safe space for kids to learn, explore, and create freely. I am looking forward to being of service to the youth who are struggling in my community, and having the opportunity to be a resource for others who need it.”

Carrie we are so glad you are here!

Brooke Mantle - Part Time Youth Advocate 

Brooke is fun and has a big heart for our HALO girls. She can relate to them on certain level that others can't.

When we asked Brooke why she chose HALO, she said, "I chose HALO because my junior year of high school I was enduring a lot of hardship. I remember Lauren (the house mom at the time) coming and talking to me. She was SO understanding, sympathetic, and caring. She wanted to help me. She offered me a home at HALO and it honestly changed my life. Thankfully I found housing shortly after but our conversation never left my mind! I met Rebecca at my barber academy, and I instantly felt that same feeling! It was a no brainer to work here! I want to make the girls feel the same way they have made me feel, at home!"

Brooke we are so excited to have you as a part of our HALO team and can't wait to see you change so many lives!

Stefani Sewell - Overnight Youth Advocate

Stefani is a fun and easy-going. She can make anyone feel welcomed with her positive attitude.

When we ask Stefani why she chose HALO, she said, "I chose HALO because I wanted to make a difference and I thought HALO would be a good place to start my adventure in that."

Stefani we are so happy to have you and can't wait to see you do so many great things at HALO!

Antonette Irvin - Youth Advocate

Antonette is kind and passionate. She is the kind of person everyone wants to talk to, and can make anyone feel comfortable.

When we asked Antonette why she chose HALO, she said, "HALO chose me!!! My passion is always to help heal the hearts of those who don't believe that love exists."

Antonette, we are so glad you're part of the HALO team and can truly see that love is your guiding force!

Brittani Dunbar - Youth Advocate

Brittani is fierce and funny. She makes everything 100% more fun and challenges all our HALO kids to respect themselves and meet their goals. While advocating for a HALO youth, she was called an "adamant mother," and we are so proud of her for that. She sticks up for our kids and believes they are deserving of good things.

When we asked Brittani why she chose HALO, she said, "I chose HALO because I get to interact with young people from all walks of life and help them see that they can be a success story. I can help the young people create a better narrative for themselves and have fun while doing it. HALO is a family in which I am happy to be a part of!"

Brittani, we are grateful for you and your passion!

Bethany Akyerem - Overnight Youth Advocate

Bethany is an incredibly hard worker and a loving mom to her own children and HALO kids alike. She is never one to shy away from a challenge and always has a positive attitude.

When we asked Bethany why she chose HALO, she said, "I chose HALO because of the life-changing work they are doing for young women and their children. These girls need a helping hand into their new big worlds. They need an opportunity to succeed. HALO gives them that by supporting their goals, encouraging growth, and motivating them to be their best. This job is good for your soul."

Bethany, we are proud to have you on the HALO team and love the positive role model you are to our youth!

Maggie Lewis - Part Time Youth Advocate

Maggie is caring beyond measure and so kind. She quickly builds solid relationships and helps anyone she talks to feel genuinely heard.

When we asked Maggie why she chose HALO, she said, "I choose HALO because helping young girls to become the best they can be regardless of any trials they have been through is what God has called me to do."

We see that calling Maggie and are so glad you're part of the HALO team!

We couldn't be more grateful for the positive, warm, kind team we have at HALO. If this sounds like the kind of team you'd like to join, we'd love to hear from you! You can see all our available career and internship opportunities, and apply today HERE. Let's get you added to the HALO team!