December Graduations in Uganda

Like a family, HALO is there for both small and monumental moments in HALO youths lives.

About 30 Learning center students after receiving their diplomas

A common misconception of homeless and at-risk youth is that they aren't interested or invested in their futures.

The truth is that HALO youth dream of happiness and success as much as any other kid. HALO provides the resources for a quality education, which opens new perspectives and avenues for our children.

With mentors and HALO staff by their sides, many HALO youth in Uganda graduated this December!

HALO youth, Muwonge, graduated with Bachelor's degree in Education


Everyone can think of that one moment in their life that changed everything. It's the moment that made you who you are today.

Celebrate the graduates and help other HALO youth unlock their dreams by providing that moment!

Unlock Dreams