When Sarah called us after living in a campsite for months and asked us for a safe place to sleep, we said yes. When Oscar reached out in need of college books, we said yes. When a school social worker shared he had over 100 kids go home from school without enough food and asked if we could help, we said yes. The list of children who have been given hope goes on and on. The HALO Tribe makes it possible for us to say yes to these children and go above and beyond for them, like a family would. 

What is the HALO Tribe?

The HALO Tribe is a special group of HALO donors, whose ongoing gift helps provide ongoing love to our kids. It lets our children know that someone out there loves them. Regular donations erase hungry bellies, stop abusive situations in their tracks, and helps HALO kids heal what has been broken.

As part of this group, each member will receive the following:

  • Access to more HALO communication to learn of success stories and celebrations through monthly e-mails, special mailings, events, and phone calls.
  • Invited to an annual private Tribe Gathering event at HALO where we’ll ask for feedback and share updates on the impact as a recurring donor.
  • Receive a HALO car static cling to show support of HALO.
  • After one year of support, receive a special HALO Tribe t-shirt.
  • Surprises and more!

Interested in becoming a HALO Tribe member? Sign up as a recurring donor. You can give monthly, quarterly or annually.

Thank You to Our HALO Tribe Members

Aaron & Bev Weidner

Abbey Eskens

Adrianna Sanders

Albert Fong

Alok Madasani

Alyssa Steffes

Amanda Kasa

Amanda Owen-Noll

Amy Broderick

Andrea Forck

Anthony & Elizabeth Doris

Ashlee & Ray Morris Hobbs

Ashley Lind

Barbara Walker

Beau Crowder

Bekah O’Hara

Ben & Caitlin Harness

Brandi Bax

Brad & Melissa Batz

Brinn Thorsten

Brittany Baines

Brittany Robbins

Bryan Baumgart

Cary Potter

Cary & Cynthia Fox

Casey Palzer

Chelsea Walsh

Christina Freeman

Cindy Bartko

Craig & Carol Angerer

Craig Howlett

Crystal & David Burgan

Curtis & Sarah Neuenswander

Cynthia & Mike Blair

Damian Serong

Dan & Nancy Dannhauser

David Thornhill

Dave & Lilly Elliott

Dennis & Roberta Licklider

Diamond Pet Foods

Douglas Newman

Duane & Dian Schreimann

Elisabeth Jamison

Elise & David Overcash

Elysburg Presbyterian Church

Emmy Hanlon

Esther Swanson

Faith Hensley

Gina Luebbering

Greg & Megan Hoffmeyer

Heather Rosburg

Hildegarde Knaebel

Jayme Baumgartner

Jean McPherson

Jenny Ruhaak

Jeff Albright

Jenika Cook

Jennifer Ashlock

Jennifer Schnieder

Jim & Chris Backes

Jimmy & Vanessa Connell

Joe & Joyce Neuenswander

John & Ana Gordon

John & Kayla Neuenswander

John & Victoria West

John Pletz

Judith Tedford

Julie Lockman

Kaity & Marshall Woody

Kate McConnell

Katherine Coughlin

Katie Turner

Keith & Ginny Sampson

Keith Connell, Inc.

Ken & Kelsey Hussey

Kevin & Beth Borger

Kyle & Lori Spencer

Larry & Michelle Pleus

Lindsey Forck

Lindsey Platt

Lisa & Tom Farrar

Lois Gibson

Lynne & Daryl Douglas

Mark & Emily Roberts

Mark Pace

Mark West

Marshall & Brittney Matlock

Marshal and Jennifer Blount

Marty & Cheryl Bicknell

Mary Catherine Newman

Mary Jo & Phillip Schnieders

Matt & Carly Roach

Matt & Sarah Dodge

Matthew & Vera Schmitz

Maureen Wiebe

Megan Burdolski

Mel & Betty Sundermeyer

Mike & Kathy Farmer

Monica Wilson

Nancy Robinson

Nancy Valentine

Nathan Coy

Nathan West

Nathaniel Barnett

Nicholas Foster

Nicole Manner

Nicole & Brandon Gerken

Nikki Barker

Paige Bennish

Pamela Harbin

Patrick & Jill Sughrue

Patsy Johnson

Phillip & Rebecca Smith

Pranava Alekal

Rachel Orsheln

Rebecca & Eddie Welsh

Rebecca Varner

Rena Townley

Robb & Amber Heineman

Ron & Wendy Hansen

Ryan & Ashley Freeman

Salisha Mohammed

Sally Falzon

Sally & Matt Sallee

Sam Coy

Sam Vetovich

Sandra McHarg

Sandra Wasem

Sarah Kellam

Sarah McConnell

Scott & Kelli Jones

Shawn Jones

Stephanie Given

Stephanie Sappenfield

Stephanie Turner

Sunny Dawn Summers

Teresa Olsen

Teri Scanlon

Tom & Terry Kulp

Tony Shine

Tracie Gailey

Valerie Escobar

Vianney Pinto

Victoria Myers