Shelter from the storm, in more ways than one.

Providing the foundation of a family means we not only give homeless kids a safe place to sleep, we teach them how to make their bed every morning.

That’s just one of hundreds of little how-tos most kids learn from their parents or grandparents. HALO kids learn them here in order to take on a wide spectrum of needs, from simply surviving the night, to surviving their first job interview, to thriving on their own as successful young adults.

Homelessness hurts. Art heals.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our kids have plenty of stories to tell. But often, they don’t want to talk about their life before HALO. Therapeutic art provides kids with a safe place to purge painful memories and share their stories, so they can start the healing process without having to say a word.

Living at the fringes can leave lasting scars, inside and out. So beyond the breakthroughs brought about through works of art, HALO supports healing holistically, through counseling sessions, medical check-ups, life skill courses and a program called iEmpathize, which teaches kids how to recognize and avoid negative relationships, sex trafficking, and predators.

A little love goes a long way in helping kids come back from the edges of their community, so they can someday play a role in shaping it.

After years on the street, kids are hungry for much more than food.

HALO puts homeless kids on a path to a positive future. Through tutoring, professional development, scholarships and help preparing for higher education, our kids work hard to leave the “at-risk” label behind and finally be seen as just a great kid with the potential to do great things.

Help one more child spend one less day alone.