A Dramatic Uptick in the Youth Homeless Population


Youth homelessness in Kansas and Missouri has jumped a staggering 55 percent within the last year.

It is part of a larger trend among Midwestern states where the most vulnerable among us are found living on the streets without key resources. Youth (24 years and younger) in urban areas, like Kansas City, have been the hardest hit by this. Shelters struggle to house them and are often forced to turn away teens in need due to overcrowding. Forced out of these options, teens resort to couch surfing which leaves this already vulnerable population open to exploitation and abuse.

A recent FOX 4 KC news article goes into more detail about the prevalence of the problem and the steps taken by various local organizations to offset the issue. It is another reminder of just how important local communities are to combating some of the more systemic problems of youth homelessness. Every interaction and resource can go a long way towards helping those who need it the most.

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