Elijah – Gulu Home

Join us in celebrating a HALO youth of great strength and resiliency! We are proud to highlight the story of Elijah, a young man who has been nurtured by the love and community of the Gulu Boys home. His story helps us illustrate the amazing work our HALO youth are able to achieve through your support.

A HALO youth from Uganda, Elijah joined the Gulu Boys home in 2012. Prior to joining the Gulu Boys home, Elijah overcame many challenges as caretaker of his brothers and sisters. For many years he demonstrated compassion and maturity supporting them through difficult times. Elijah was offered the opportunity to join the Gulu Boys home where he received the community support that helped him grow into the person he is today. 


After 5 years growing under the supportive guidance of mentors in the Gulu Boys home, Elijah has been able to live independently with his father. Elijah currently awaits admission to an auto mechanics school. He knows that his strengths will serve him well in a vocational school and is looking forward to achieving his desire of becoming a mechanic so that he can give back to his village and make a positive change in his family and community.


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