Happy Holidays, HALO Family!

Dear HALO Family,

Ten years ago, I was inspired by a 6 year-old street girl named Daisy. She taught me what empathy is. I learned that empathy is not just putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. It is taking your heart out of your chest and letting it beat in someone else’s. I would close my eyes and sleep on Daisy’s cardboard box, feel her fear of a scary man approaching in the dark, imagine her empty hungry tummy aching for hours, thirst for and beg for her drink of water. That empathy gave me the fuel to fight for her and others like her. And that is when HALO began.

Today, HALO celebrates more than a decade of progress and the thousands of lives we have changed. We fight with a purpose for the Daisy’s in the world. Our goals are big, and our dreams are boundless. HALO is just getting started. Today’s success and tomorrow’s brighter future would not be possible without our volunteers and supporters over the years.

Happy Holidays!
Serving more than 1,000 youth each year, HALO empowers youth in the greatest need to become contributing members of their community. HALO now supports more than 20 homes and programs around the globe. We rescue youth in the most desperate situations and serve as their family. There are still hundreds of youth on our waiting list, and they are our daily fight.

Just this year, we started a new Kansas City HALO Housing Program for youth and continue to serve over 500 youth at the Center, providing professional development and art therapy. In Jefferson City, Mo., we provided a home to 11 youth while continuing to support over 135 youth at the HALO Center. We also have plans to begin construction at a recently acquired church camp that will house up to 30 youth. We opened three new homes in Uganda, in addition to a HALO Center and began the development of a Moroccanoil Salon for our girls to train and work in. We also started a new program in Guatemala and have continued growth in Uganda, Nicaragua, Kenya, India and Mexico. HALO has provided 15 scholarships for youth around the world. Most recently, we received national press from the Variety “Power of Women” event. We are experiencing tremendous growth, and it’s because of your support. Thank you for believing in our HALO youth.

This holiday season, we ask that you consider supporting HALO and make a donation now. Your gift will make a world of difference and allow us to continue our momentum of growing the HALO family where we can help even more youth in the greatest need. Your gift means we can say “yes” to more youth just like Daisy. Thank you for your generosity and for being a supportive family to the youth we serve at HALO.

Warmest Holiday Wishes,
Rebecca Welsh