HALO Life Skill: Compassion

This month is all about Compassion for The HALO Foundation. This is the final life skill of the year. We were privileged to have Dan Nilsen, CEO of Bishop-McCann serve as our guest speaker. Wow! What a treat!

Here’s what he said were the top 10 most important components of being compassionate in the

workplace: IMG_3549

1. Delight the Customer: Our clients are the only reason we are in business, and they are our top priority! It’s important to go above and beyond always.

2. Be Self Critical: It’s highly important to look inside to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make your relationships work.

3. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: Make sure everyone knows what’s going on using the appropriate channels of communication. If there is an issue or concern with someone or something, sit down and discuss it openly with the individual.

4. Make People Feel Good About Themselves: Take time to get to know everyone you can on your team and everyone you come in contact with outside of the company. Remembering details about others shows them that you care.

5. Treat Others The Way THEY Want to Be Treated: It’s the Golden Rule for a reason! It’s important to treat everyone equally: with dignity and respect.

6. Be Humble: Think about your conversations with others and make sure they are as much about the other person as they are about yourself.

7. Remember… You’re Empowered!: Rules are simply guidelines, and it’s impossible to have a rule for every situation. You will be faced with handling many different situations and are empowered to use common sense and good judgment to do what is right at the time.

8. Pay Attention to Detail: Proofread every email or correspondence coming from you, especially when it’s going to a client. Before you hit “send,” make sure you realize that your email might be read by 1,000 different people.

9. Be a Good Citizen: Our culture encourages giving back in whatever way you choose to do so. Whether it’s community involvement or random acts of kindness, consider giving back and teaching others to do so also.

10. Live The Culture, Every Day: Strive to provide an enjoyable work environment where associates thrive and feel good about themselves and the work that they do. Happy employees=happy customers!

Thank you Dan for your time. Such valuable information to take with us for 2015 and beyond.