Healing in Kenya




















Having the foundation of a family can impact a child’s life forever. HALO is that foundation for children all over the world. Here’s an inside look on how this loving support shapes our HALO children in Kenya:


Samuel gives us a personal tour of his room, a safe place he can find rest and refuge each night. Sleeping in late does not happen around here. Samuel is the first to rise each morning with excitement and passion for school. The walk to class takes about an hour for the children.



Lots of giggles, jump rope, and melodies of tribal songs can be found at our Kenya Homes. Free time is spent swimming in the river and playing pickup games of soccer. Therapeutic art projects are gaining popularity among our students too, as they learn to love this creative and restorative process.


Our HALO students LOVE going to school. Math is the common favorite subject and nearly all of our children speak at least three languages including English, Kiswahili, and their individual tribal language. Students work very hard to achieve scores that allow them to advance to the next grade each year. After their 8th grade year, they take a national exam to determine if they will be eligible for high school.

Life at our HALO Homes Baraka and Timau is vibrant and active. Your generous support helps our HALO children to color their dreams. For ways you can continue to impact these children click here.