#HumansofHALO: Basketball Fever in the Timau Home


The US sports’ world is not the only one ablaze with basketball fever. Our boys in the Timau home in Kenya have fallen in love with the sport. With a bit of ingenuity and passion for the game, they’ve found creative ways to play!

Here is their awesome story:

The boys at the Timau Home have a new found love for basketball. They enjoyed it so much that they built their own basketball hoop out of old timber, plywood, and a bucket for the ring.

A couple from the Netherlands who were doing research here in Kenya contacted us at HALO. They asked if they could help build a new hoop! We worked with a local welder to help us build something nice for our boys. The children loved digging the hole and mixing the concrete to place the basketball hoop.

We are so grateful for all of those who took the time to shower love on our HALO kids and give them a great place to grow up.


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