#HumansofHALO – Meet Joseph

























Joseph has been part of the HALO Makerere Home for one year. Before joining the HALO family, Joseph was living on the streets of Kampala after walking nearly three hundred miles from his home village. After his father passing away, life became difficult and his home was no longer a safe place with increased conflict amongst his family members. Joseph stopped going to school after losing his father. He is 16 year old and is currently attending third grade classes. Joseph is proud though, taking his coursework very seriously and is improving on his English language each and every day. He is one of the most dedicated and appreciative young men in our program. Recently, Joseph wrote this touching letter to the HALO Uganda team: “I am Joseph, a man from nowhere but heading somewhere. I am sixteen years old and I am a youth from Makerere Home.

I want to thank Cornerstone for what you have done in my life because some years back I was on the street with no hope of becoming someone but now I go to school, I eat, sleep and above all I have good health because you have always paid my medical bills which would be so expensive for the entire clan of mine to afford.

When I came in Makerere Home I couldn’t speak well, especially English. I couldn’t write even my name but I want to thank you for the mentors you have given to me because they have changed my life.

I also thank you for the new family because I have new brothers who love me and I love them too.

I thank you and I thank God for giving me this opportunity and may God bless all of you.”