#HumansofHALO Meet Twebeze


Many HALO members and graduates attend Uganda’s Ekitangaala Transformation High School, a school that seeks to curate a rising generation of leaders and change seekers. I had the opportunity to visit their school and join in the classroom conversation encompassing the topic of “integrity.” I saw a group of dedicated, inspiring, and humble individuals who attentively and genuinely sought to become better members of society.

It’s easy to become engulfed in the everyday tasks of life. Easy to focus on the details and not take a step back to see the overall whole. Hearing the dreams and aspirations of these hope-filled students was a refreshing reminder of the lifelong impact brought through fostering love. When a child is given hope, a stable environment, a means to heal from previous trauma, and the ability to go to school, the love poured into them will spill over and be seen in their actions as they empower those around them.

Senior 5 student, Twebeze Dennis, shares his dreams for the future:

“[My dream is] to build up [a] school where I can help those who cannot help themselves. I remember when I was still young, I did not have any money and whatever to go to school.  I want to be an important person to help those children and younger generation–like me– to go to school and be great.

We’re supposed to work as one person. If you have something and your friend doesn’t have anything, you can help one another so that society can act as one person.”