#HumansOfHALO – Uganda Special


Moses (left): “My goal is to become a pastor someday and have my own church”
Dennis (right): “I hope to be head master of a school that helps children who don’t have school fees get a better education.”
Edube was the mentor of Moses and Dennis when they were only 10 years old! “I was proud to see that the boys had such important goals now. They used to be the biggest trouble makers, always trying to sneak away at night or stealing the mentor’s things but we believed in them and now they’re going to graduate high school soon and work hard for what they want.”

Godfrey came home with a new pair of pants and a smile on his face! He bought a brand new pair of pants with his own money for the first time. Godfrey is going to vocational school for welding and has started and internship just down the street from Kibuli Home where he’s been earning a small income. He finishes his welding courses in December and hopes to work for the shop he’s been interning for this spring!