International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day! To every girl and woman, in all corners of the globe, this day is for YOU. This day is incredibly meaningful as it represents progress and change. Encouraging the celebration and equality of women everywhere.

Here at HALO, we are surrounded by some of the most amazing women. Women who work each day to provide a happy and healthy future for the kids involved in our programs, both domestically and abroad. Through the work we do here at HALO, we've encountered many amazing stories. Stories of determination and success.  Girls who defied the odds.

On this day, we want to share a few of these stories.



Marjai has been involved with HALO since the age of ten years old.  She's even led some of our workshops at the Learning Center. Marjai is a talented writer and was awarded a scholarship through KC Scholars to study Journalism at the University of Missouri. 

Marjai uses her gift of poetry to deal with the things she's gone through, and to provide healing not only to herself, but to those her words have the ability to touch.

"I turned all these ugly experiences into something beautiful, something that no longer has that deep of an impact on my life."


Madison joined HALO in 2016. She's a blossoming artist with incredible talent. This past December, Madison was able to showcase her collection "Expressional Growth" at Perennial Places & Premier Financial Partners SWELL exhibit. For Madison, this was a dream come true. Since her exhibit, Madison has sold several pieces and doesn't plan on stopping. She has goals to continue her artwork and to go to college.

When asked about all of her accomplishments this is what Madison had to say, "Basically, just keep going. You’ve made it this far and it’s just going to get better if you keep putting your foot forward. That’s what I tell myself everyday."



Lastly, we'd like to recognize our amazing founder, Rebecca Welsh.

Rebecca's heart for others is the reason HALO was formed. Since 2005, HALO has raised millions of dollars to help kids all around the world.  Through the generous support of our donors, we have been able to educate, clothe, and provide the support of a family, for our youth. Love Heals is the motto of our foundation and is at the center of everything we do. Thank you, Rebecca, for your lasting impact. 

Happy International Women's Day to these amazing women, and to all of you. When we stand together, there's nothing we can't accomplish!