Love Heals In Our Summer Workshops

This summer, we asked our HALO children what healing means to them. How has HALO helped you heal? What makes you feel loved? From sewing to spoken word readings, our youth explore what makes them feel loved through powerful performances and artistry. These workshops are all thanks to our amazing instructors! We are grateful for all of their time and effort in creating unforgettable projects with our HALO kids.

Whitney Manney, a local Kansas City fashion designer, led a sewing and design workshop. The kids each designed their own quilt square, representative of what they find to be healing. Whitney artistically pieced them together to form one cohesive masterpiece. In addition to the quilt, HALO kids designed shirts, learned to operate a sewing machine, sew on buttons, and many other practical skills. Personality and creativity shines through in each individual quilt square and t-shirt. Thank you, Whitney, for sharing your passion with our kids!

The healing power of art was especially present in our tile projects. This project was based on a Japanese tradition Kintsukuori. In this tradition, the Japanese repair broken pottery with gold, and the flaw becomes beautiful because of its past. Our HALO youth created their own version of Kintsukuori by piecing together broken tiles, creating beauty from what was broken. These transformative pieces are nothing short of inspiring.
Our lives are our stories, and the pain that we experience is simply chapters within our journey.
Maya Donenfeld

Julie Arnold taught a “Woven Words” workshop. This unique form of expression incorporated collage, weaving, and writing.HALO youth explored words and phrases that have helped with healing during difficult times or where they hope healing will take them in the future. The children created collages with textured papers and weaving with yarn, discovering how these materials can be woven together and layered to become stronger. Thank you, Julie, for sharing your talent with us and leading this project!

Our very own poetry expert, Marjai, is heading her own spoken words workshop for other HALO kids later this week. We love watching our kids develop into leaders and giving back to the HALO community. Be on the lookout for pictures from her workshop!

Join us to inspire confidence in HALO youth as they provide an inside look at their lives through transformative masterpieces.To experience the healing power of art for our HALO kids, join us Thursday, August 2nd. 6 - 8 p.m. at FETCH at 1101 Mulberry Street Kansas City, MO 64101. More details can be found here.