Malaria and Insecticide-Treated Nets

Since 2000, malaria has taken a considerably higher toll on African children than previously reported.

Uganda is just one country that has been greatly affected by malaria, a life threatening parasitic disease transmitted from mosquitoes.

For our HALO youth in Uganda, Insecticide Treated Nets will protect them from these mosquitos and ultimately, malaria.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuing to work towards fighting this life-threatening disease. Since 2010, Insecticide Treated Nets distribution has grown to protect more and more people from malaria, but as the numbers show, there is still people needing these nets.

How To Help Our HALO Kids

All kids should feel a sense of security at night, whether that is being tucked in under a blanket or being told their favorite bedtime story. Join HALO in providing more mosquito nets to our youth in Uganda, keeping them healthy and safe at night.

For more information and updates on malaria throughout the world, visit the WHO website.

Help us reach our goal and bring a sense of security for our HALO youth, free from malaria.