Opening Doors and Opportunities

Recently opened, Kansas City Bier Company, a brewery in Waldo, not only opened its doors to the public but opened an opportunity for Kansas City youth. A group of boys from BoysGrow, an organization that works to help open inner-city boys’ eyes to the possibilities and realities of entrepreneurship, handcrafted 6 tables and matching benches for the brewery. BoysGrow worked with our HALO Learning Center to mentor the youth on how to craft the tables and benches and give them the Learning Center space to do so. The boys were a part of the HALO woodworking workshop and worked diligently on this project. On Tuesday, April 29, the young craftsmen and their woodworking instructors and mentors from BoysGrow and HALO had the opportunity to tour Kansas City Bier Company. They toured the brewing machinery, learned how beer is brewed, and best of all, sat at the tables they themselves crafted.










An overlapping of mission and philanthropy in the for-profit industry and nonprofit sector created this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the youth. “It’s important to give back to your community,” said Steve Holle, founder of Kansas City Bier Company. “What better way to do that then to donate to local organizations who already had the infrastructure in place to build what we wanted. The HALO Learning Center has several woodworking workshops throughout the year, and we were able to have the instructors teach the youth how to make tables and benches. It’s a win/win.”


This opportunity was certainly a win/win for everyone. Most importantly, it was an opportunity for Kansas City youth to learn a new skill and see what their hard work can create.

To see more photos from the event, click here.

BoysGrow – The mission of BoysGrow is to take an inner-city boy and open his eyes to the possibilities and realities of entrepreneurship. BoysGrow uses Farming and Agriculture as the vehicle to instill pride, identity, discipline, and an understanding of the Business World.

The HALO Learning Center – is committed to empowering youth in the greatest need. It serves as a safe haven that fosters educational and emotional growth while equipping at-risk and homeless youth with the skills to become contributing members of their communities.