Perseverance Life Skill with Julie Arnold

Perseverance-Julie-ArnoldParenting takes perseverance. So does creating 900 handmade garden kits in two months.

Julie Arnold, HALO supporter and friend, spoke at HALO’s June team meeting focused on the life skill perseverance. Julie and her husband, Christian, have three children and both have experience in interior design and architecture. Christian is the co-founder of Clockwork Architecture + Design  in Kansas City. With this experience and passion, Julie and Christian are determined to keep creativity and how it relates to nature present in their family’s life.

Combining creativity and nature, one of Julie’s projects has been creating nature and garden kits for her family and other families to use outside together. Each kit’s items are handmade out of recycled and natural material and Julie herself hand-stencils the botanical designs on the burlap bags. Her largest order of these handmade kits was for Anthropologie when they wanted 900 garden kits for their holiday season. Having only two months to hand make these kits, she worked time into her daily schedule wherever she could. With three children at home, this took perseverance and balance.Julie-Garden-Kits

With her Anthropologie order complete, Julie’s current projects are her blog, Five and One , and family nature walks . Featuring creative resources for families, Julie’s blog focuses on the topics of nesting (sustainable home resources), creating (kids crafting), and nourishing (nourishing food). However, she doesn’t only write about these topics, but lives them out day to day. During the spring and summer, Julie has family nature hikes planned for families to explore Kansas City trails. She offers scavenger hunt worksheets for the families to look for various plant life, bugs, and animals during their hike.

Through her work on nature kits, Five and One, and family nature hikes, Julie perseveres every day for creativity and nature to be present in her family’s life.