The Importance of Self Love – Our February Workshop

Self love is such an important concept. Not just for our HALO youth but for each and every one of us. Our February workshop was extra special as it fell on the very day centered around love- Valentine's Day!

Youth from the Fairfax Alternative High School stopped by the HALO Learning Center where we created art, had conversation, and learned about the importance of self love.

One of the questions we asked the teens was, "What forms of love do you have in your life right now?" For many the answers were their significant others, their children, or pets.   

We talked about the importance of those forms of love, and to really love, we have to first learn how to love ourselves.For many of the teens, the idea of loving themselves hadn't even crossed their mind. They were always putting someone else first.

To further cement the idea of self love,  each teen created a piece of art that was unique to them - a heart filled with the characteristics they like the most about themselves. Each piece was beautiful and required a lot of self reflection.

The kids had a great time and were thrilled when each was given a Valentine's Day goody bag provided by the Kansas City Academy.