Drake – Kibuli Boy Home

Our HALO youth inspire us with their motivation and resiliency in the face of great challenges. We introduce one of these such youth to highlight the life changing impact your contributions are making at HALO.

Meet Drake, a mentor and leader in the Kibuli Boy home. Drake has overcome many challenges to make him into the leader he is today. Drake left a life on the streets of Kampala when he arrived at the Kibuli Boy home in 2010. Since then he has demonstrated a drive to succeed while at the same time a passion for helping other boys within the Kibuli Boy’s Home. Over his time at the Kibuli Boy Home, Drake has learned, “...that being successful needed a lot of patience and would not happen overnight. I had to accept the reality and change my attitude” Drake’s hard work and determination has made him into a mentor for other boys.

Currently in his sixth year at the home, Drake is already giving back to the program and community. Other boys look to Drake as a big brother who went through struggles similar to their own and fought to chase his dreams. They are provided a sense of hope and confidence to keep working hard so that they can be successful like Drake. Drake is so grateful for the opportunity that Youth Corps and HALO gave him to change his life and become the person he is today.

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