HALO Children Focus on Emotional and Spiritual Self-Care

At HALO, we provide love to children who need it the most by teaching them the importance of self-care. Last week, we concluded the second workshop of our three-part series at the Kansas City Learning Center, focusing on emotional and spiritual self-care.

The HALO children learned what emotional and spiritual self-care entails, participated in self-talk activities and even decorated journals to take with them- as journaling is an excellent way to process emotions and experiences.

Spiritual self-care isn’t limited to religion, but can be anything that gives us hope, peace or meaning. Our children were proud to share their successful experiences with meditation and encouraging self-talk.

The children then wrote their own negative self-talk on a red piece of paper and then rewrote them on a green piece of paper as positive self-talk.

We can’t wait for our final installment of our Self-Care workshop where we will learn about relational self-care!

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