How Your Kids Can Help #GiveBack

Did you know, HALO got started because of kids efforts? It's true! Aside from the strong urge to love and help kids needing it most, one of HALO's biggest motivations came from a small class of martial art students in 2005. "If there are homeless kids who need our help, we should do whatever we can to help them," they thought. It was this sudden drive that led them to brainstorm ways that they could support other children their age.

This led them -little did they know- to hosting ClubHALO's first informal Board Break-A-Thon fundraiser. They managed to raise $5,000 and felt so encouraged they decided to do it again. This time, reaching $40,000: a goal they had no clue they were capable of, but one that could make such a dramatic impact.

The efforts they pursued and accomplished were enough to push HALO's CEO Rebecca Welsh, the then martial arts instructor, to see the sprouts of something bigger. Their work really helped push momentum into what HALO has become today. By 2008, the total they had raised through their Board Break-a-thons reached $250,000 and included 3,000 attendees. An action this big is clearly one worth pursuing, and thus, HALO wanted to help nurture these kids back. Officially forming ClubHALO.

But what is ClubHALO? HALO as an organization seeks to provide housing, healing, and education to homeless and at-risk children around the world; and it's very clear through our start, that we believe in the impact kids can make. At any given time, there are children out there willing to serve and others who could really use their help.

ClubHALO aims to give these kids the resources they may need to help make an impact more directly. Looking for kids and teens of all ages, we meet every two months on zoom to discuss children currently needing help and what we can do to help them. A few of the ways our ClubHALO kids have given back is:

  • Serving as a Change Ambassador and collecting change. Every 25 cents collected is one more warm meal for a HALO child.
  • Participating in our next #ArtDoesGood campaign from October 19-November 30, 2021. #ArtDoesGood turns creativity into a safe place to live for homeless kids.
  • Collecting PowerPack emergency backpack supplies. 
  • Collecting nonperishable food items so our kids have food to take with them. Food can be found on our Amazon Wish List.

How can my kids get involved? The next upcoming ClubHALO meetings are at 6 pm (CST): December 7th, 2021, February 1st, 2022, and April 5th, 2022. To get added to our invite list or get in contact, simply click "Count me in!" down below and fill out a short and easy form. If you would like to learn even more about ClubHALO, you can click the other button below to be shown our simple flier with just a little more information.