Joshua – Kibuli Home

We love to highlight our awesome kiddos and the stories of them rising up to take on some of life’s toughest challenges. 

Meet Joshua, one of our amazing HALO youth from Uganda. Joshua faced the harsh reality of living on the streets with his siblings at an extremely young age. In 2018, he came to the HALO Kibuli Home and started the journey of hope and healing. Like a lot of our HALO kids, Joshua had never had the opportunity to be around a safe and structured family foundation. It was a long journey for Joshua to accept that he was deserving of love and help.


Two years later, there has been a great change seen in Joshua’s life. Through mentorship opportunities, his attitude has changed to reflect the positive and active kid that was always deep down inside. He even received the second highest grades in his class during midterm exams! 

His mentors noted that he has learned to have fun with the boys in the home with him and has even emerged as a leader who is in charge of academics. He has made awesome progress, helping take care of the home property. 

Joshua says that he has a lot of hope and foresees a bright future now because of the opportunities he has had with HALO. 

“I no longer like fighting..I go to school everyday, and I talk to the Uncles (Mentors) every time I have a problem, and they help me.” - Joshua

We are so proud of all of our HALO youth! These kids take on head first the challenges presented to them and never take failure as an option.

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