HALO Youth Make Natural Body Scrubs

The Kansas City HALO Learning Center was lucky enough to have one of our staff Lacy Gordon teach our youth how to make all natural body scrubs. Youth had the opportunity to make one jar for themselves and then make one as a gift for anyone they wanted. They could choose the type of oil, sugar or salt, and many different essential oil scents for their scrubs. Youth each mixed scents and oils to come up with their own creative body scrubs.


As the program progressed, the youth got more excited about what they were making. One teen said he would never be as happy as he was making the body scrubs with us. It was a great experience for the youth, and they were all excited to take home their creations. They experimented with mixing complimentary scents and creating different textures with the salt and sugars. One teen even added glitter to her own body scrub creation to give her skin a little sparkle. They mixed and poured their products into jars to finish the workshop. Needless to say, the HALO Learning Center will be smelling great for weeks after this program!



Guests at the HALO Summer Showcase on July 28th will have the opportunity to buy some of the body scrubs the youth created!